Corporate governance

Corporate governance at Ukrgasbank JSB is carried out in accordance with applicable legislation of Ukraine and on the basis of the requirements of the Civil and Commercial Codes of Ukraine, Laws of Ukraine «On Banks and Banking,» «On Joint-Stock Companies,» «On Securities and Stock Market,» other laws, legal and regulatory acts of the National bank of Ukraine, Securities and Stock Market State Commission, the CharterCorporate Governance Code of the Bank, decisions of the General Participants (Shareholders) Meetings, Supervisory Board and Board of the Bank etc.  

Principles of corporate governance

The Bank management bodies comprise:

General Shareholders Meeting

Supervisory Board


Corporate governance of Ukrgasbank JSB is based on the following principles:

The real possibility for the shareholders to exercise their Bank participation rights.

Equal approach to all shareholders regardless of the number of shares in their hands.

the Supervisory Board is responsible for strategic management of the Bank, effective control over the Board activity. The Supervisory Board members are accountable to the Bank’s shareholders.

Timely publication of exhaustive and credible information about the Bank, including its financial standing, economic indicators, major events, ownership and management structure to make it possible for the Bank’s shareholders and customers to make solid and thought-through decisions.

Effective control over the Bank financial and business activities to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the Bank’s shareholders and customers.