Ukrgasbank Granted the Biggest Condominium Loan in Ukraine Worth Nearly UAH 10 million

Ukrgasbank has advanced the biggest loan in Ukraine amounting to UAH 9.7 mln to one of Kyiv condominium under the state energy efficiency program. The funds for the period of 5 years are provided for comprehensive thermo-modernization in residential multi-apartment building.

The project provides for heat insulation of external walls, replacement of old wooden windows at staircases with energy-efficient ones and complete restoration of heat supply and hot water supply systems with the use of renewable and alternative energy sources. The payback period of such project for each citizen of the house totals 3.3 years. When the building is comprehensively thermo-modernized, the annual energy savings will be 609 Gcal for the heating season.

“Ukrgasbank is the absolute leader in implementation of state energy efficiency program which is at high demand among Ukrainians. The program provides for reimbursement from the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine of up to 70% of the expenses on equipment and materials used for energy efficiency measures. Thus, heat insulating their own housing, residents of the building will have a significant reduction in financial burden on a family budget starting from the first months. Especially noticeable savings will be during heating period”, - said Mykhailo Medko, Director of SME Department.

Today, any condominium or housing maintenance office has an opportunity to obtain Ukrgasbank loan of UAH 10 million for up to 10 years without down payment and collateral under energy efficiency program. Ukrgasbank is the only bank in Ukraine, providing such lending conditions.

Ukrgasbank is the first Ukrainian bank to start implementing and granting record number of loans to condominiums under the government energy efficiency program with reimbursement from the state.