Ukrgasbank contributed to the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition “Carbon Pricing Leadership Report 2018-19”

Ukrgasbank efforts in advocating and promoting green finance have been positively noted by Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC):

“Ukrgasbank was the first Ukrainian partner of CPLC when it joined in May 2018. It is the leading eco-bank in Ukraine according to the State-Owned Bank Development Strategy, approved by the government in February 2018. In order to provide institutional support to the strategy, the bank has established a specialized green-finance department. In cooperation with IFC, criteria for eco-projects have been implemented. The department confirms compliance with the eligibility criteria and then calculates emission reductions for each project. In addition, the bank has made several changes to decrease emissions and better evaluate environmental and social risks.”

CPLC is a voluntary partnership of national and sub-national governments, businesses, and civil society organizations that agree to advance the carbon pricing agenda. It shifts the social costs of climate change to the source of the pollution, encouraging polluters to reduce emissions and invest in clean energy and low-carbon growth.

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